Welcome to Internet Marketing-

  • Marketing? Marketing is actually communicating your message to the people you want to reach. You can you any way to communicate with your customer.
  • When communication is done through Digital Devices like internet,mobiles, tablets and desktops it’s called Digital marketing.

For Digital marketing or internet marketing first thing, you should have online  with your customer, that mean you have your own domain(It’s easy to think a domain name and a website are the same), and hosting. Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

How to Connect Your Domain Name to Your Hosting Server:-

In today’s lesson, we focus on (How to Connect Your Domain Name to Your Hosting Server) with your domain name (purchased at GoDaddy) connected up with your website hosting account (Hostgator) so you can launch your first self-hosted WordPress website or blog. click here

1) Access your Godaddy Account

you should have purchased your domain name for your Blog site or Business (I use GoDaddy for the flexibility and  support  through GoDaddy) – First you have login your GoDaddy account then  Access your domain manager by going to “All Products” (see below).

Access your domain

how to add your domain name with hosting account

2) Go to the Domain

Just click to My Products then click Domain, Domain and then under Management, you’ll find “Domain Management” (see the screen shot below).



3) Click the Manage DNS

All of my domains in GoDaddy and “point” some of them to Hostgator so I can set up a WordPress blog or Website. Remember that in one Hostgator (if you have Babby Plan with Hostgator). you can have multiple websites or blogs (without any additional fees), so once you get good at using WordPress, you can experiment a bit with new sites or blogs for only the additional cost of a domain name. In this step, click on the Manage DNS that you want to set up in Hostgator. (with a WordPress website or blog).

My Products in go daddy

My Products in go daddy

4) Click on Name servers

After you click on the Manage DNS you’ll be working with, you have  options for chang the Nameservers (this is what “points” to Hostgator). Both places changes the same information, so either click the Nameservers icon (looks like a stack of gold coins) or the “Set Nameservers” link near the bottom. Name servers The Default Nameservers point to GoDaddy’s web hosting.Since we’re using Hostgator  as our host (I just prefer their hosting to GoDaddy’s). we need to replace these Nameservers( Which you have receive by the host-gator through email when you have purchase hosting with host gator). You simply replace the Nameservers with: Nameserver 1: NS1.HOSTGATOR.COM Nameserver 2: NS2.HOSTGATOR.COM

Name server Settings

name server setting with host gator

5) Confirmation of Changes

After replace the Nameservers with Hostgator you have to click save very bottom.Once you will do that,you should get a confirmation of changes.

Realize that it may take from a few minutes to hours for the Internet to recognize your new Nameservers. I usually find that it can take from 5 minutes to a couple of hours. You can literally go from a domain name to a new WordPress site within an hour or two if you follow these steps (including what I’m teaching you Setting up your WordPress site).

6) Log into your Host-Gator Control Panel

As you’re using Hostgator as your website host and have set up your account, you next need to log into your Control Panel by using your use name and Password which you have received by Hostgator through email.(see screen shot below for where to find this).

C-Panel Login

how to connect your domain name server with hostgator

7) Find Addon Domains  in your cPanel

Once you log into your Host-Gator  account, you’ll be in your Control Panel (called “cPanel”). There are a lot of things in here (we’ll get into more about them later), but find the “Addon Domains” section and then click on the “Domain Manager”.

How to connect domain

Addon domains with host gator hosting

8) Assign a domain to your cPanel account

To finalize the “pointing” of our domain from GoDaddy to Host-gator, you  need to click “Assign a domain to your cPanel account”.Type your domain name which your have just purchase by Godaddy then click save. Addon Domains

9) Input your domain name

Input your domain name and wait for the system to verify that it’s properly pointing to Hostgator. Make sure you don’t type www or http (see the example below). You should see a message below the domain that says “Ownership verified”.you have to fill all the information. Then follow the example below.

Create an Addon Domain

Create an Addon Domain

After complete all information, once you will click Add Domain. it’s will ask your for the confirmation. You have to confirm this. Once all thing will be done you can install word-press in this domain, which you just add in your hosting account.